Christian Yoga Connection Membership "doors" are OPEN!

Join the membership to use your yoga practice to make time & space for yourself and with Jesus.

Christian Yoga Connection is your online space to access Jesus-focused yoga to use as a tool to meet with Jesus on your yoga mat. It's also a safe space to engage with a like-minded community of Christian yogis in order to deepen your relationship with God & yourself.

Do you ever feel "Life" is:

~ overwhelming?

~ a source of extreme mental exhaustion?

~ squeezing out the things you really want in life? like...

  • time with those you love most

  • responding to those you love most with kindness and love

  • time for yourself to relax

  • peace & calm in the day-to-day

  • deep friendships

  • special time with God for a stronger relationship with Him  

Me too.

I felt the same and sometimes still do.

But I've found through practicing Jesus-focused yoga that "life" is easier to manage and less of the things I want (like the list above) get squeezed out. 

I want that for you too!

In the Christian Yoga Connection Membership, you will be able to...

Relieve Stress

with the scientifically proven physical practice of yoga that when paired with worship of God, it's even better!

Ease Mental Exhaustion

by slowing down the "always on" brain and letting go of all the demands & worries in life for a moment.

Find Friendships

with other members as well as with Jesus through a deepening of your relationship with Him. 

Heal from pain

that could be physical, mental, or emotional, but Jesus-focused yoga can help you heal!

Ready to Join?
Membership "Doors" Are Open for NEW Members


Because we're a virtual yoga studio, we don't have to worry about Covid, flu, or other illnesses shutting us down!

You get to spend time with Jesus on the yoga mat in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Select how you would like to join by clicking one of these options:



Yoga was strange for me at first. I started for physical benefits, but quickly discovered when I used it to spend time with God I experienced deeper mental, emotional and spiritual benefits!








The idea for Christian Yoga Connection came from a dream God planted...


But Why A Christian Yoga "Membership"? 

Each month in a membership you have many more benefits than in one-off yoga classes like:

  • accessing ALL your Jesus-focused yoga classes in one place in a private online portal!
  • over 40 recorded sessions so you can get on the mat with Jesus when it works best in your schedule.
  • no more wasting time searching YouTube for the "perfect" class. (Decision fatigue is real!)
  • an opportunity to be more consistent and accountable with your Jesus-focused yoga time
  • having an opportunity to practice online in live classes with a group of other Christian yogis who will become friends. 
  • connecting in a safe online space with encouragement from others also in spiritual and physical journeys. 
  • continued motivation to make time & space for yourself and with Jesus on the yoga mat.

Many yoga students who practice virtual yoga online say the one thing they miss most from an in-person class is the camaraderie & connection with other students. In a MEMBERSHIP we can create this together!

Gift yourself time & space with Jesus on the mat today!


Join today to find more peace and calm in your day-to-day no matter the circumstances or situations every day life brings.

Experience physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Jesus-focused yoga.

Monthly Subscription

$29.00/mo USD

Less than $8 per new yoga class!

  • Min. 2 Monthly LIVE Online Jesus-focused yoga classes
  • 2 NEW recorded sessions added each month
  • 1 Monthly "Discussion & Discovery" call to talk about the month's theme & how God is speaking or working
  • a Spotify playlist to correspond to the monthly theme
  • Private community forum (outside of Facebook!)
  • ALL past themed yoga classes totaling over 60 classes!
  • Current LOW Member price for life
  • Take a class or two FREE with a 5 day trial!

Yearly Subscription

$290.00 USD/Yr

Most Popular! 2 Months FREE!

  • Less than $6 per new yoga class each month!
  • All the benefits of a monthly membership 👈 PLUS... 
  • 2 months FREE!
  • It's less than the typical price of 2 yoga classes! 
  • Keep the low member price for life no matter what increases occur
  • Join with a FREE 5 day trial to see everything available!


You can't beat a great deal like this!


"How has a regular Jesus-focused yoga practice helped you?"

"I am grateful to hear the word of God & Prey each morning- repeating and embodying it as we practise on the mat helps to hold the scripture with me through the day." -- Penny


"This is my life exhale." -- Amy

"I sometimes come into class and feel so scattered. Then (after classes) I feel focused. And I sleep so much better!" --Patti

"I suffer from migraines. The physical practice of yoga helps, but remembering once in heaven I won’t have this pain anymore does too! I stay focused on God’s provision through the pain. I enjoy the yoga while meditating on how great heaven will be!" --Wendy

Imagine how different life would be if: 

  • You had more peace in your spirit

  • You were more full of joy

  • You felt more confident in your decisions

  • You didn't worry so much

  • You were able to manage stress and anxiety

  • You had relief from pain (physical, emotional, trauma) 

  • You felt confident in your body

  • You really believed how much Jesus loves you

What's Included in the Christian Yoga Connection Membership? 

a library of 60+ recorded members only Jesus-focused yoga classes in 15 spiritual themes

** all the videos from the Heart Soul and Mind Yoga YouTube channel (over 30 and growing) so all your Christian yoga is in one place

** a private community Members' only area that is not on Facebook 😉

** at least 2 NEW recorded yoga videos added to the library each month specific to the current theme for members only

** 1 short (30-ish min.) LIVE online class/mo. with replay available

** 1 longer (45-60 min.) LIVE online class/mo. with replay available

** 1 monthly live community "Discussion & Discovery" call to chat about the theme and spiritual life

 AND MORE to come depending on Members' ideas and input!

Choose how you'd like to join:

As a Monthly or Yearly
Christian Yoga Connection Member


Hey there friend!

I'm Tracey and I teach the Jesus-focused yoga sessions inside the Christian Yoga Connection!  I thought we should meet virtually here and then when you become part of the Membership, we will get to connect "live" online to get to know each other better! 

I've been teaching yoga since June 2017 and practicing since 2012.  When I was practicing yoga at home and praying & worshiping all those years ago, I sensed God wanted me to "bring it" (a Christian yoga opportunity) to a space where there are no boundaries. The Christian Yoga Connection membership is one way I'm following through on God's call for me.

I was certified as a yoga teacher in 2017 with YogaFaith and have been teaching Jesus-focused yoga ever since. Of course in March 2020 local classes were stopped due to Covid-19 and I was grateful because I was forced to start teaching online yoga. This is where I feel God wanted me to teach all along.

I do hope you'll join me in the membership! I think we are going to have a great time getting to know each other, making friends, and of course seeking God on the mat so we can live life to the fullest as He desires for us!

Time for some FAQs:





If you are someone with very full (perhaps even chaotic) life, I invite you to make time & space for yourself and with Jesus on the yoga mat in the Christian Yoga Connection Membership so that you can ease the mental exhaustion and stress of life to live with more joy, peace, calm, friendship, and a deeper relationship with God.

YES! I wan to join as a MONTHLY Member


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