Life can be hard.

Life can be overwhelming. 

  • Do you find it's hard to make time for yourself?

  • When you finally sit down to pray, read your Bible, and connect with God, does your mind wander and you have trouble focusing?

  • Do you have trouble slowing down racing thoughts or worries in your mind? 

🔅 What IF... you could move through life feeling confident, at peace, focused, and joyful? 🔅

Take the FREE "5 Day Jesus-focused Yoga Journey" to explore how making just a few minutes a day for yourself and with Jesus on the mat makes a difference in your life!

5 Day Jesus-focused Yoga Journey



Try 5 Days of Jesus-focused yoga for FREE to help you combat overwhelm to live in peace, confidence, and joy

Ready to take the 5 day Jesus-focused yoga journey? 

The 5 Day Jesus-focused yoga journey is... opportunity for you to TRY Jesus-focused yoga in the comfort of your own home to see if all the hype is for real.

  • Can yoga help relieve pain?
  • Will you feel more peaceful after practice?
  • Will Jesus-focused yoga help you calm the racing thoughts in your mind?
  • Does it help you connect with God and yourself?

(by the way - the answer's YES to all of the above but try it for yourself to see what you experience!)

If you've been curious about yoga or about using it to deepen your Christian faith journey, TAKE the 5 day YogaFaith journey! 


Topics of focus for 5 days of Christian Yoga Experiment

100% FREE

5 FREE yoga videos delivered to your Inbox with no gimmicks, no contracts, no fine print. Do the experiment at no charge to explore any differences in your day-to-day life.

a short experiment 

Practice yoga classes morning, noon, or night... whatever fits your schedule best! The experiment is only 5 days (doesn't have to be consecutive) with 5 short videos to fit a full life!

at-home yoga practice

All 5 Days of Jesus-focused yoga videos will be delivered to your inbox first thing in the morning for your at-home YogaFaith practice on YOUR schedule making it realistic for a busy person like you!

great for beginners and new Jesus followers

New to yoga? No problem. Each practice is slow and gentle for yoga beginners with options for seasoned yogis too! New believers will learn to meditate on scripture as part of the yoga practice.

stored in a private online portal

All 5 days of videos are stored for you in one place so they're easy to find and you can come back to them anytime! Check off each day's yoga video for a great sense of satisfaction and to stay motivated and accountable.

an opportunity to connect with other Jesus-focused yogis

Inside the private portal, with each day's video you can ask questions or chat with others doing the 5 day experiment along with you!

Try 5 days of Jesus-focused yoga

* See what happens when you make consistent time & space for yourself and with Jesus.

* Find out if meditation & movement REALLY will help you experience peace, joy, and confidence in your day-to-day life.

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"I was able to sit on the floor cross-legged for 30 minutes playing with my four-year-old grandchildren. I have never been able to do that since they were born." (Francis has been practicing yoga just over a year consistently once/week.)


"I love this yoga class... It's like my life exhale"

Meet Tracey, your yoga teacher

Tracey is a southern girl living in Greenville, SC. She began practicing yoga in 2012 to improve her running skills but what she found was so much more! 

After injuries caused the running to stop, Tracey continued with her yoga practice. 

Her yoga practice became a personal time of prayer and meditation on Jesus. She noticed less stress and greater physical flexibility.  

She discovered the yoga mat is a great place to spend time with Jesus and also experience mental, emotional, and physical improvements. 

For women with very full lives making time & space for yourself is challenging and it was no different for Tracey. But she found that a regular yoga practice helped her make that time. That's when Heart Soul and Mind Yoga was created.

Tracey is passionate about helping women grow in their relationship with Jesus through the tools of yoga. 


Ready to explore the benefits you'll experience with 5 days of YogaFaith sessions?