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Exploring God-given intuition…on the YOGA mat?

How God spoke during a personal, at home yoga class

I love practicing yoga with online classes.  There are 3 or 4 yoga teachers I primarily follow and with whom I practice yoga at home.  One of them is Kassandra Reinhardt of and yogawithkassandra on YouTube.  
I enjoy Kassandra’s classes because there are a wide range of types, styles, and lengths of classes. And I like  her personality and creativity in the classes she offers. 
But… they’re not Christ centered or focused. Does that mean I shouldn’t participate with them? Of course not!  Even though her focus is not on Jesus, I make the choice to focus my heart, mind and soul on Him during her instruction. I take her yoga instruction and turn it into a Christian yoga class for myself.   
When I practice with Kassandra or any other YouTube yoga teacher, I turn on my Christian music alongside the video, I close my eyes and pray to God when instructed to “look inward”.  When a teacher instructs me to look to myself for direction, I turn my focus to God for direction. So I thought in today’s post, I would share a story of how God answered my question one day on the yoga mat.
One morning at home, I took yogawithkassandra’s yoga class titled “Super Slow Flow for Intuition”.  I have to tell you “super slow flow” does NOT mean easy! There were some challenging postures as well as some new ones for me. That’s always fun and increases my creativity and of course my flexibility and strength!  This is described as an intermediate class by Kassandra, but I encourage you to try this class too. Some interesting insights might come along…

What I really want to talk about from that yoga class though was her focus for the class and how it led me to hear from God.
She encouraged participants to think of a question they’ve been pondering for a while, an answer they were trying to figure out. She encouraged us (participants) to hold that question and use it throughout the class.
Since it was early morning, I didn’t have a specific question or problem I was sorting through right away.  So I started the class (my Jesus-focused yoga class) with prayer to seek a question that God might want to answer: “God what is an area where I need your help?”

I didn’t already have a question in mind that morning so I just asked God what the question was.  

A question came to mind. It was “what is the next right step I need to take in my work after this yoga class?” (maybe taking a cue from Emily P. Freeman and her Podcast “The Next Right Thing”?You should definitely check it out! I’m sure I’ll be posting more blogs from her writing and podcast as I’ve become a huge fan!)  
I don’t know where that question came from. I hadn’t already been thinking about “my next right step” that morning. All I knew was I was taking a yoga class and then planning to work a couple hours.
So that question came up and I continued to pray it over & over during the course of the yoga sequence. Kassandra would often encourage listening to my “gut instinct” and I would pray “no God, I only want to follow your direction; not my own.  What is my next right step after this yoga class?”
I was feeling frustrated about “listening to my gut” and felt like I had to keep redirecting my thoughts to God’s direction.  
Throughout the 20 minutes or so of the class, I would repeat the question and in my mind I would think “work on the website”. That was my original plan for the upcoming work time. I kept praying and even wondered in my mind “is that really the next right thing? Is that what’s in my gut?”  I was frustrated about desiring God to lead but being uncertain the direction or the next right thing He wanted me to do. So I kept flowing through class and praying…
Finally, in the last 5 minutes or so of the class, I had a totally different thought! It was about my “gut instinct” and how I didn’t need to be frustrated with Kassandra’s nudging to listen to it, as if that was leading me away from God.  
GOD is the one who gave me intuition and I believe He gives it to all of us! It may even be especially stronger for women. 
God does speak and sometimes when we have a sense of an answer in our “gut”, we need to trust it and explore it! I don’t believe we should simply act on a “gut instinct” but take time to compare that “gut answer” to what the Bible says, pray over it, and ASK God if that’s what He’s saying.  I believe He WILL answer.  Sometimes the yoga mat is a great place to seek those answers through prayer in movement and then stillness.
Be cautioned however that the Bible does say in both Proverbs 14:12 and Proverbs 16:25 There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.  
While I wholeheartedly believe God gave us intuition, we can’t 100% trust ourselves for answers. As humans we typically want what we want. We all have a tendency toward sin and selfishness and therefore, we must seek God’s answers to our questions.
I love what I found on about intuition.  Take a look at their article for some information about what the Bible says about intuition. I especially enjoyed this part:

“David “sat before the Lord” (2 Samuel 7:18), enjoying His presence and quieting his spirit. Our spirits hear God when we quiet our minds enough to meditate on His Word. As we seek God’s guidance and pray for direction, He says to trust that we have the wisdom we’ve asked for (James 1:5).”
So what was the answer to my simple question “God what is my next right step in my work after this yoga class?” you may ask.  I sensed Him saying “Go write a blog post about your experience with gut instinct and how I created you with it.”
I intended to work on the Heart Soul and Mind Yoga website, but God intended something totally different that I hadn’t even thought of before!  I knew in my gut that was God’s answer…to write this blog post.  That is exciting…To hear from God, to be obedient to His call, to trust Him!!
Maybe you will want to take Kassandra’s class on YouTube to pray over a question you’ve had while you flow through great yoga instruction?  Turn it into a Christian yoga class for yourself with focused intention on God and prayer with Him. Or maybe you’ll just want to stop what you’re doing, breathe and lift up a question to God.
Be still before the Lord. (Psalm 46:10)  He will answer. Listen to your gut and explore if that is the answer He has for you today.
I'd love to hear in the comments what He reveals to you! 🙏🏼

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