A little about Tracey

I began practicing yoga around 2012.

I used to run a lot (I’ve completed 9 half-marathons and very proud of that!) and loved it so much! I heard somewhere that yoga would help with my running abilities. The physical practice would help me with the physical aspects of my body & running and I would discover how to breathe better and more fully.

All of that was true!

What I found in practicing yoga was so much more! It became a personal time of prayer and focusing my mind on Jesus.

I found greater calm in my life as well as more physical flexibility.

I still have a long way to go in the physical practice of yoga, but what I love most is using it to make time & space with Jesus AND for myself.

We, as women, sometimes find it hard to make time for ourselves & self care. To me that is what Jesus-focused yoga is all about.

Personal Life

I am married to Russ, the love of my life. We were high school sweet hearts and have been married since 1997. We dated for 8 years before that!  We have been together more than 1/2 my life! Good thing he’s such a great husband and so much fun to be with.

I also have 3 teen children (currently 14, 15 and 17). Life has been and still is very busy with 3 children so close in age! They are the greatest blessing God has ever given me. I’m so grateful to be their mom. We also have an awesome dog, Murphy, that I get to be “mom” to. :)

We attend SpringWell Church in Taylors, SC and love the mission there to draw spiritually thirsty people to Jesus. My current primary areas of serving are as a growth group (Bible study group) leader and as part of the management team. It’s where we call Home.

Hear more of what to expect with HSM Yoga

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Yoga Training:

2017 - Registered YogaFaith Trainer 200 Hour (R-YFT)

2018 - Registered YogaFaith Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer (R-TSYF)

2019 - YogaFaith Leadership & How We Love Workshop


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